Iscom Composaites Group


ISCOM is world-wide License Marketing of developed & mostly implemented Unique Innovative Systems & Products:1)ESS~27% Energy Saving System for statical& transport(Land,sea aerospace)Ventilation application; 2)Innovative Fuel consumption & gases pollu-tion reduction (up to 25%)system for land & rail vehicles; 3)CPV ~35% cheaper than steel Composites Pressure Vessels(for boilers,gas cylinders,etc) Production system;4)CIF Continuous Inorganic Fibers ~25% manufacturing cost & energy con-sumption reduction Innovation production system 5)ATPS Automated Innovative Fibers placement system for laying up of composites materials; 6)TCPS Unique Innovative Transcontinental ~40% lower production cost composites oil/gas pipe-line system;7)Revolutionary deepwater (up to 6km)~50 reduction capital investment oil/gas production &transport system; 7)AST Innovative Production System for Large (Volume 2000 cub.m & more)Composites above ground storage tanks;8)CSS Composites Struc-ture ~40-50% lighter than metal Large size Ships,etc structures,etc tenth Advanced Innovative Composites Technologies for Energy Infrastructures,Building,Chemistry,Transport, Aircraft;Shipbuilding,Informatics,CommunicationAutomotive,Robotics,etc.