JCK CB "Dipol"


CB Dipol. is a Russian leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of PORTABLE DIGITAL INFRARED THERMOMETER.CONTACTLESS EXPRESS-СONTROL OF TEMPERATURE of power-generating equipment, technological systems, industrial furnaces, heating systems, electric cables, steam mains, gas mains, oil pipe lines and product mains, rolled steel, construction materials, refractoriness and heat Insulating materials may be carried out by means of PORTABLE DIGITAL INFRARED THERMOMETER. Digital Indication of object temperature. Automatic ambient temperature compensation. High response. These precise, noncontact thermometers measure the surface temperature most materials. Kelvin are used for maintenance applications and anywhere accurate temperature measurement of a product or process is critical: utilities, petrochemicals, steel. Add a wide variety of versatile features and there's a Kelvin model ideally suited to your needs.