HP Graduate Development Program 2009


• We’re looking for final year students who will graduate within this academic year or recent university graduates (not more than 1 year after graduation). You can be a graduate in one of the following areas:
• Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Business Studies, Economics, other Technical or Business Administration degrees
• In addition, we are also looking for the following “extra qualifications”:
• Interpersonal skills: the ability to work well with people of all types and backgrounds
• Flexibility: a talent for adjusting quickly to rapid change
• Team Player: a reliable team member at work and beyond
• Analytical Abilities: an eye for detail, even in a general context
• Communication: an ability to communicate clearly and confidently in an international environment
• Commitment: the dedication to achieve your goals – and to continuous professional and personal development
• Personality: positive-thinking, with initiative and the ability to laugh – even at yourself :-)

• HP Graduate Development Program: Our new 18 month Graduate Development Program has been designed to get the most out of the best graduates by giving you the opportunity to gain experience and exposure across HP's businesses. Throughout your time on the Program and beyond you will receive world class training including relevant professional qualifications, support and mentoring, all tailored to your needs. During the Graduate Development Program you will:
• Learn new skills while you work and apply them to live projects
• Benefit from supported development tailored to your needs
• Build up an understanding of the full breadth of our business
• Develop your potential by being exposed to key areas of the business
• Gain an understanding of how we work, who we are and how we stay a leader in an ever-changing market
• You will find yourself working in a uniquely inclusive and creative culture. In a working environment where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in achieving business success. You'll start in a real role with real responsibility working alongside world-class professionals, and when you decide it's time to progress your career to the next step HP offers a huge range of career opportunities.
• We don’t expect you to already have specific technical skills or professional experience. That’s exactly what we will provide you with through our Graduate Development Program. HP gives you the opportunity to transition from a brand new graduate to a professional in Sales, Information Technology, Consulting and Marketing.
• We will help you achieve this by putting a comprehensive individual development plan in place to ensure a structured and blended learning experience with extensive on-the-job, in-class and virtual training opportunities. A mentor will be assigned to you to give you support along the way as well as regular feedback on your performance and development.

While applying for HP Graduate Development Program you will be able to choose which area of professional development interests you most. You can choose one of the following:

TECHNICAL CONSULTANT: In this role you will learn to effectively apply your technical expertise in IT consulting projects. You will establish and maintain a professional working relationship at multiple levels both internally and with the client by delivering one of HP’s core technology solutions to large corporations and Governments.

CUSTOMER SERVICES ENGINEER: In this role you will configure system hardware, software and network components, assemble and integrate systems and products and verify operation requirements. At a later stage you will learn how to use proactive monitoring procedures to identify problem prevention opportunities. In addition you will conduct customer presentations as well as compile information to convey major points clearly and persuasively.

IT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ANALYST:The IT Business Development Analyst establishes and maintains a professional working relationship at multiple levels both internally and with the client by developing a core understanding of the client’s unique business needs and competitive challenges. You will then tailor strategy and architect solutions to meet the needs of the client and interface with both internal and external industry experts to anticipate customer needs and facilitate the development of the most suitable IT solution.

PRODUCT MARKETING ANALYST: You will be part of a team that is usually specialized in product,channel or industry marketing You will be also involved in the planning of advertising and promotional campaigns as well as trade shows.

SALES ANALYST: As a Sales Analyst, you will support the team with market and industry research, compile and analyze sales reports and contribute to sales events. Through training and hands-on experience you will gain product knowledge as well as insight in the complex operational processes behind a global supply chain and sales process. Throughout your development to a sales professional, you have to option to become an expert in Storage, Software, IT Services or Server solutions.

Starting out at HP: the Future is Yours to Explore!

You have ideas and you’re not afraid to use them. That’s exactly what we need!

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a company fuelled by new thinking and unique ideas about creating more valuable experiences with technology. We make the impossible – possible and are committed to challenging, stretching and never staying still. It is all to do with what sets us apart as a company.

At HP we work across borders, and without limits. Global virtual teams share resources and pool their brainpower to solve business issues and meet personal goals. Each individual is valued for the unique skills, experiences and perspective he/she brings. That’s how ideas – and people – grow.

Now we are looking for the best talents to help us develop cutting edge technologies and grow in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We’ll invest in your intellectual ability, encourage early responsibility and support your ambition and progress. With our coaching, guidance and global reach, the future is yours to explore!

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