Renaissance Capital’s Graduate Programmes


Welcome to Renaissance Capital’s Graduate Programmes!

Finance and Markets Programme
The Programme will run for 8 weeks with weekly rotations around the business units across Investment Banking and Investment Management. Throughout the programme there will also be educational breakfasts, dinners and networking events with Investment Banking heads at least twice weekly. The technical training element will cover an introduction to Investment Banking, Valuation, Modelling, Financial Maths, Corporate Finance, Financial Maths, Foreign Exchange & Money Markets, Bonds & Bond Markets, Equities & Equity Markets, Derivatives & Derivative Markets. During the programme students will also undertake business simulations, project work and soft skills development.

Graduates emerging from this programme will seek roles in Investment Banking and Investment Management (see Business Areas)

The Business Management Programme
This Programme will comprise a four week training module, followed by 2 further weeks ‘on-the-job’ training in one of the Business Support areas. As with the Investment Banking Programme, there will be rotations, educational breakfasts, dinners and networking events with Business Support Unit & Investment Banking heads at least twice weekly. The four week training module will comprise an Introduction to the Financial Markets and to Investment Banking and the Business Management units, overviews of Human Resources, Treasury, Compliance, Finance, Risk and Securities Operations. Again, soft skills development and project work will be included in the Business Management Programme.

At the end of this programme, you will find your niche in an area within the Business Support Group that is best suited to you and our business requirements.

The Finance & Markets Programme as well as the Business Management Programme have successfully started on July 9th and September 3rd. The founding members are currently integrating into their new jobs or training at the “Renaissance Academy”. We wish them success in their new roles.
The Renaissance Academy will open its doors again in 2008.

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