Хаб для генераторов электроэнергии = Electric Power Generation Hub

Это новый сайт, обеспечивающий данными, новостной информацией, различного типа аналитикой, видением перспектив в области генерации электроэнергии, включая технологии “зеленой” энергетики. Вакансии в секторе. Блоги. Основное внимание уделяется США. Однако рассматриваются и мировые тренды. Зарубежные пользователи приветствуются. Часть услуг оказывается на платной основе.

Веб-адрес: http://generationhub.com

GenerationHub.com, Energy Central's new online intelligence service for the electric power generation industry, is now live. With specific sub-sections for gas- and coal-fired power, nuclear generation and renewables, GenerationHub.com delivers exclusive, highly-focused information in a variety of formats to provide industry professionals with strategic and competitive analyses, decision-making tools and editorial coverage of evolving trends and technologies.

Subscribers have exclusive access to profiles of all operating and many proposed U.S. power plants, including information about the operating utility, holding company, transmission grid owner, plant location, megawatt (MW) capacity, electricity generation by megawatt-hours (MWh), fuel type, online year and plant status. Other subscriber content includes a generation asset database; fully-integrated source documents; senior analyst insights and exclusive editorial coverage; Morning Report, a daily e-newsletter; and GenerationTrends, a weekly interactive PDF newsletter. Professionals can sample the service with a free three-week trial. The site also offers free content, including industry news, jobs, events, webinars, and Generation Industry 101, an industry primer.

"Annual revenues from U.S. power generation reached $120 billion last year, and the industry faces tremendous challenges in managing rapidly-changing demand, government regulation and new technologies," says Energy Central's V.P. of Data Analysis Randy Rischard. "Generation Hub delivers a level of in-depth analysis and continuously-updated data and news never before available to electric power generation industry professionals." Chief designer of GenerationHub and its sister property TransmissionHub, Rischard is joined by a team of leading authorities in power industry intelligence — Kent Knutson, Director of Data Strategy, renewables expert Bill Opalka, coal generation expert Barry Cassell, and nuclear and gas generation expert Wayne Barber.

For more information: http://generationhub.com