Гринтай | Greentie

GREENTIE is Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange.  

The Russian GREENTIE network is a noncommercial voluntary network, which is working to develop the main lines of the Russian GREENTIE project, which has fulfilled in association with the GREENTIE project of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) under support of the R.F. Ministry of Science and Technology and its successors, with the Industrial Development Institute “Informelectro” as the basic organisation for the Russian part of the project.

The GREENTIE idea appeared in response to Agenda 21 and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The IEA/OECD GREENTIE project, having fulfilled the set tasks, had been closed formally, so did the Russian GREENTIE project and the Russian GREENTIE Liaison Office. However, the information exchange networks, which were formed within the appropriate projects duration are at liberty to make other arrangements. They may exist as voluntary networks, for example.

As before, the general task of this Russian GREENTIE network is to facilitate the information exchange about suppliers of climate friendly technologies, products and services between foreign and Russian companies (organisations), researchers and experts. Various events of this field are covering, too.

The “old” GREENTIE participants, information and other resources are the basis of this Russian GREENTIE network. At the same time, having regard to the given status of the Russian GREENTIE and some prospects reflected by messages within the network, the main emphasis is on approaches and incentives to the deployment of “green” energy in its wider sense.

You are welcome to submit your own information or/and receive information about others fully free. But you may not submit irrelevant and non-reliable one, your ads and large volume texts.

This network itself consists of those foreign participants of the exchange, which declared their interest in cooperation with Russian companies (organisations), and those Russian participants of the exchange, which declared their orientation to international cooperation.