Международный нанотехнологический конгресс 2006 г.


Mark your calendar. You are invited to participate in the premier international nanotechnology event on October 30-November 2, 2006 in San Francisco.

Special focus: ROADMAP for NANOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY will be presented at the General Assembly of the ICNT 2006 on October 31, 2006.

More than 150 speakers and presenters will cover a complete spectrum of the emerging field of Nanotechnology: from the latest research and development in nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, nanoethics, workforce education and training, environmental, societal and health and safety implications, to nanotech venture capital investment.
To view a partial list of speakers, please visit our web site: http://www.nanotechcongress.com

CONFERENCE THEME: Building Infrastructure for the Next Frontier:

* Focusing on the converging of Nano-Bio-Info technologies
* Presenting the state-of-the-art scientific and technological advancement
* Highlight a wide spectrum of its applications: electronics, chemical, biotechnology,
semiconductor, aerospace, automotive and textile industry.
* Working groups and forum on developing Nomenclature and Standards
* Working groups and forum on Nano Toxicology
* Working groups and forum on Workforce Education and Training
* Investment Forum for Emerging Nanotech Companies
* Discussion Forum on Ethics, Social, Environmental and Health Safety
* Open Public Forum and Debate on Nano Economy

Abstract can be submitted online:

You are invited to submit your manuscript to the Proceeding to the International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005. The deadline for the manuscript submission is September 1, 2005. The ICNT 2005 Proceeding is scheduled to be published in December 2005.

Invited Lectures

For speaking opportunity at one of the above symposia, please visit Speaking Opportunity, or send an email to the Program Coordinator : program@ianano.org

To learn more about exhibition opportunity at the ICNT 2006, please visit the web site: http://ianano.org/exhibit.htm

If you have any questions, please contact:
The Event Coordinator
International Association of Nanotechnology
Sacramento, CA 95825 USA
Email: info@ianano.org
Web site: http://www.ianano.org